Cecilia Villegas
Industrial and Graphic Designer

Vigor Magazine


Most of men fitness magazines out there, focus on stories and routines for body building and muscular growth, but not for overall health and fitness.


Vigor is a fitness magazine for men, with stories involving different aspects of fitness, such as nutrition, exercises, tips for relationships and mental wellness. All of this, with the goal of approaching a wide audience that may not be interested in professional body-building or strict workout routines; but rather on having good health and learning how to stay fit and healthy. Within the design of the magazine, several visual applications were used, such as illustrations, photographs and overlaying elements (with vellum paper) in order to best portray the stories selected. The project also included three more design covers for the next issues of the magazine. Publication Design Course. SCAD Atlanta, Summer 2015

The photos for this project are the result of a Collaboration with the talented photographer Hannah Kraus