Cecilia Villegas
Industrial and Graphic Designer

Personality of Personality Tests

This book is a compilation of personality tests currently available for use, as well as their applications and results. It provides the necessary guidance to choose the right test for the client’s specific needs. These personality tests are commonly used by human resources teams to analyze a person’s personality and determine their compatibility with a particular job or team. 

The Myers-Briggs personality test is the most widely used test for almost any type of audience, purpose, and context.  However, it’s not designed with this intention; all tests were intended for specific audiences, purposes, and context; therefore people who apply them, need to be aware of this specifications. 

The primary aim of the project is to inform the audience about the variety of personality tests, their goals, and applications and guide them to be able to select the most appropriate test to suit their needs. This is why each test in the book is codified based on their differences and similarities and, categorized by goals and approaches. The book is organized as a quick guide to help choose the most appropriate test to be applied.

The concept and design of this book revolved around the idea of categorization and organization of the test; since many tests fit into different categories, the idea was to separate and structure a thorough table of contents that would explain how to find the test for the user’s  particular set of requirements. By doing this, the user could resort to the main book that would hold the necessary information for each test, as well as the link to where they can go and implement the test. I decided to use the system of tabs for the user to select their audience, context, and application, and they can mix and match what they need and ultimately find the test they require. The entire design is very structured, simple and systematic so that the user feel that it’s easy to use and doesn’t get anxious about the complexity of the topic and the unknown method of selecting a test. 

The photos for this project are the result of a Collaboration with the talented photographer Hannah Kraus