Cecilia Villegas
Industrial and Graphic Designer

Holiday Song Bundle

Series of promotional pieces for the band: Vampire Weekend. All the pieces relate to the mood of the song which talks about going away for a summer holiday to escape from conflict and fears. This promotional bundle portrays the feel of Vampire Weekend’s song Holiday, which is a very upbeat song that talks about the summer and going away for the holiday. 

The song "Holiday" portrays a fun outing for the beach as a summer getaway. However, it also deals with a secondary topic of using the holiday to escape from fears and negative events, such as the Iraq invasion. The song is also a part of the album Contra, which has the primary theme of conflict; this theme is represented not only in the lyrics but also in the music arrangement since they overlapped several opposing beats to create intriguing sounds. According to my research, the bridge of the song talks about the singer’s relative who became a vegetarian after seen the news of the Iraq invasion. The challenge of the project was to create a typographic treatment that showcases the feel of a song, while also representing the juxtaposition of its themes of holiday and conflict.

I took inspiration from the lyrics in the bridge of the song: “a vegetarian since the invasion, she’s never seen the word bombs, she’s never seen the word bombs, blown up to 96-point futura.” To show the contradicting ideas of conflict and holiday, I interweaved a part of the lyrics with the title of the song. I treated the word “Holiday” and the background with a very summer-y color scheme and feel while modifying its shape depending on what the lyrics said, so the final result looks as if the word Holiday has been “blown up” when it relates to the word “bombs.” The typeface used was Futura, of course, since it’s the type mentioned in the lyrics. The grid used to create the composition between all the elements in the design was set up after analyzing the beats of the song and creating lines for each of the instruments and putting them together in a single composition.