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'How to Origami'

Starting with The basics

It's a New week and the perfect time for new Things!

 My first video of 'How to origami' it's finally here!

This one's short and sweet and it comes with the most basic information you need to get started on the origami world.

 I have to warn you, it might not be the must fun of tutorials, since I'll explain the basic concepts of origami: what does it mean exactly and what are what are the basic symbols you need to understand, before we start folding away.

But don't you worry, you'll be an expert on symbols in no time and we will start folding and having fun on our next tutorial. I just need you to become a master of the basics so we'll be ready to take over the world, one origami project at a time!

When you're done with the video, don't forget to download the PDF guide so you have your  symbols at hand to help you when we start with the next tutorials.

Make sure to comment what you thought of this video: if it was helpful or not, and if you have a specific project in mind that you like me to do in one of our tutorials. 

I hope you enjoy it and are as excited as I am for what's to come!


Download here: Comprehensive Guide of Origami Basics

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Note: This is my first video and I confess it was quite a challenge for me to appear in it and actually publish it. So if you notice that I'm little nervous or if I don't speak English perfectly, please be nice. I promise I will get better in the next videos, once I get the hang of it!